Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I did it!

I turned 47 last week. And at 47, I weigh less than I did at 27. Also, I'm stronger. If you scroll down to past posts you can see what I used to look like. This is what I look like today:

I weigh 129 pounds and my body fat percentage is 22.9%

Here is a before I started training/now comparison:

My goal now is to get to 20% body fat percentage, then to maintain that and learn how to figure out my own training program. I hate running, but some day I'd like to run those fun 5K runs that some of my friends do - and enjoy it. 

I still eat a 95% Paleo menu, although on the lifestyle end of things I am not getting as much sleep as I should be. I have started trying to go to bed earlier but even with Daylight Savings that isn't an easy feat for me. 

I have come to the realization that I couldn't have discovered Paleo at a better time, as it turns out I am experiencing symptoms of premenopause. Body temperature fluctuations (not just hot flashes, but first I get so cold, and then there is the hot flash, and then I'm cold again) restlessness/insomnia/waking up often during the night, mood fluctuations (thank you Xanax) and other little subtle or not-so-subtle things that mess with my biology. All of this will exist regardless, but it is lessened by the way I have been eating for the past 18 months, I think. I'm still doing some research. 

Another thing I am researching is how this diet affects blood lipid levels. My triglycerides are lower than ever - 62, but my cholesterol is up - both good and bad cholesterol. So, I am now researching how eating Paleo can effect one's "bad cholesterol" and how to fix that. More on that later. 

Now I must venture off to Tuesday night training, even though I'm sleepy, achy, and short of breath (stupid allergies). I'm making myself go because I AM that strong and once I start moving and lifting I will feel much better. TTFN

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