Tuesday, January 26, 2016

PMS or First World Problems?

All of the headlines on my Yahoo page read like a tabloid. Is there no news today, or did someone new get the Tuesday Sensationalism job? They're doing a bang-up job. "Behemoth" Daddy Longlegs, CIA Releases Secret UFO Pics, something about the Jenners, something about Rhonda Rousey dating someone's husband, "Amazing" photo of woman who looks like a hotel corridor "Goes Viral" - give me a fucking break. She had on a shirt that matched the wall. Someone got paid to write about that. I'm in the wrong business. I wouldn't mind getting paid to write stupid headlines and non-stories. Although, now that I think about it, I would rather be the person who finds the pictures that match the headlines - the ones of famous people's facial expressions.

Work is irritating today. People who don't normally irritate me are making me snap at the people who do [normally irritate me]. I'd be more specific but someone might read this someday. 

I'm sick. I haven't been sick since last March. This is just a cold, and day 3 of the cold, but I'm pissed off that I got sick. I was doing so well. And, while I would like to go home and sleep all day that just won't help so here I am at work being pissed off and writing about it. 

People are driving weird. I almost got hit twice on the way to work. I was driving in the left lane, and two separate cars just meandered into my lane WHILE I WAS IN IT and either realized at the last minute that I was there, or they just meandered back. The first one almost gave me a heart attack, and when I looked into my rear-view mirror afterwards, they stayed in their right lane but kept swerving a little to the left. Even some of the cars in front of me were riding that middle line to the left of them. I wonder if that is a sign of how things are going to go in Iowa on Monday.

On a more random note...this reminds me of the day I went to work on a Saturday, and all of the vehicles downtown except mine were minivans. One almost ran into me, and the other two or three weren't really even driving in lanes. It was like I had wandered into a minivan farm, with minivans just bumbling along however they like. It could have been a scene straight out of CARS.

I was looking up links for how to deal with frustration and whether it is good for you to vent your problems or not. The first article I looked at said it isn't good for you. Fuck off. The second article gave 10 examples of how to deal with frustration. two examples were something reasonable I could do right now, one would get me committed, two or three would make me cry, another one is impossible at this time in my life, five would result in sweat, three are things I hate doing, and a couple would just put me to sleep at this point in time.

So, yeah.

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