Monday, December 1, 2014

Three Months

Tomorrow will mark the 3 month anniversary of my Paleo adventure. 

I have lost at least 22 pounds to date. 

In celebration Out of necessity I bought two new pairs of jeans yesterday. The jeans I have been wearing since this summer are either falling off of me, or I can pull them down without unbuttoning them. I only bought two pairs because I have an entire bag of jeans that are the next size down and I don't plan on being this size for more than another couple of months.We'll see, right?

The best things that have come out of this journey so far (besides losing weight) are good health, good friends, cooking experiments, and new habits. 

I haven't been sick in months, in spite of a couple close calls with various bugs that travel around an office. I could almost feel my body repel any hint of the virus taking control of my body. The only negative health issues I have had to deal with have been seasonal allergies and the lethargy and sniffles that come with that, and the time my right arm got the flu after a flu shot. lol

My friends have been amazing. They let me yammer on about Paleo this and that, and they even exercise with me, share recipes and free paleo books with me, or are on different weight loss or health journeys. We talk about many of the things that happen in our lives, but we dwell on the good or the solutions rather than wallowing in the bad or negative. Where there is good there will always be bad. The trick is to use one to overcome the other. The people who I feel closest to in my life right now have been through rough times and emerge victorious. With the right energy we can all emerge victorious. 

We can only do that if we change our habits, though. While few in number, I have changed some habits over the past few months. I keep a tidy kitchen, now. I clean a part of my home and/or do laundry each weekend (sometimes it is the same part of my home, but I can go to work on Monday with a feeling of "yes, I did something besides sit on the couch".) I drink less often, and when I do drink alcohol it is dry white wine - which luckily is my favorite. I haven't had beer or tequila in months. I think about tequila sometimes, and then I think about how I am going to feel the next day and I stop thinking about it. I exercise at least twice a week (see amazing friends section lol) - usually more than that. 

The best part, though, and the part that still hasn't burned me out, is cooking. I LOVE to experiment with cooking! In the past few months, I have cooked with lamb, duck, Thai eggplants, Fish Sauce, short ribs, beef tenderloin, and a few other things new to me. I have learned how to make stock/broth, save and cook with animal fats, rotate and cook vegetables and meat before they go bad, and cook and freeze food so that I always have something to take with me for lunch! I still have so much more to learn! 

Thanks for keeping up with me on this journey. I am so enjoying watching my path unfold before my eyes, and even though there are always going to be road blocks and speed bumps (which I will also write about some days...) there is always a detour to get back on the good road. 

PS - Next time I'll post links to great recipes! This time I posted some good Paleo links for you to check out over there ---------> > > 

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